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Carrie’s Review Corner: MaraNatha Almond Butter!


This is my first review post! It won’t be the last either. I’ll be doing the reviews on a pass/fail basis. I’ll go through the pros and cons of the product, some nutritional insight and comparison (if there’s anything to compare the product too), my general opinion on the product, and, of course, the pass or fail grade!

For my first review, I decided to review MaraNatha’s brand of almond butter. ┬áLet me preface this by saying this is the first time I’ve tried almond butter…ever. So while I can’t necessarily compare brands (yet), I can give a good review on what I thought of this brand on its own!


I decided to buy the “All Natural No Stir Creamy” version. I chose this version because I wanted to be able to just get it out of the fridge and eat it. I’m not a huge fan of peanut butters that need stirring, so I figured I’d think the same with almond butter. MaraNatha does have other types of almond butter, including types you need to stir.

This product needs to be refrigerated after opening, but will last a fairly long time in the fridge. We’ve had it for almost 2 weeks and, while it is almost gone, it’s still good!

That brings me to my actual opinion.


  • Yummy taste! This really tasted good!
  • Creamy texture: I was expecting it to be a different texture– maybe like apple butter or something- I don’t know why. This was very creamy.


  • Very thick: this isn’t a con necessarily, but it won’t spread well on almond butter and jelly sandwiches- unless you heat it up which I haven’t tried.
  • Pricier: It’s not too much more expensive than peanut butter, but it is a little pricier.

One odd thing I found: with all the hype surrounding peanut butter vs almond butter, I found that– nutritionally, they’re not much different.


As you can see, almond butter actually has more calories per serving (I will note that I don’t ever use 2 tablespoons of almond butter, it packs a lot of flavor). It also has more fat per serving and less protein. If you’re someone who tracks calories and macros, then you may be better off with peanut butter.


MaraNatha almond butter is a “cleaner”, more whole food.


As you can see here, MaraNatha uses only 4 ingredients, all of them are clean foods (the unrefined cane sugar is the least healthy of the ingredients and it’s still the one of the better choices of sugar options out there).

The peanut butter we have– as with most peanut butters that are standard (not “natural” or organic peanut butter, just the regular kind)– has hydrogenated vegetable oil, dextrose (which isn’t necessarily horrible, but if you want peanut butter it’d be better to get the sweetness from cane sugar than a sugar made from corn starches), and monoglycerides (which again, aren’t horrible in moderation, but they’re not “clean eating” friendly.

If you follow a more “clean- eating” diet, I would stick with the MaraNatha almond butter.

Overall, I really liked this product. I love it on graham crackers or toast! It’s great with a little honey drizzled on top of it too!

Carrie’s Grade: Pass!




Note: I’m not paid to review any products, nor do I receive any sort of compensation for reviews. These opinions are my own.


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