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I’ve done some looking around and I’ve figured out some yummy recipes to put up over the next week or so! Unfortunately, a lot of them require ingredients that I’ve recently run out of. Fear not! Grocery shopping happens next week! So once our refrigerator is fully stocked, I can make all of those wonderful things!

“Carrie, what are these things you’re making next week?”

I’m glad you asked. Everyone likes pies. Fruit pies, meringue pies, chocolate pies. I had a friend mention that she really wants pie, so I did some research and figured out a way to make a delicious (healthy!) Cookie Dough Chocolate Creme Pie! A regular slice of chocolate creme pie from a certain restaurant known for delicious pies is over 600 calories! A slice of this pie? Less than 150 per slice. Too good to be true right? Well, this time, it’s not! So make sure to keep checking back to get the recipe for that delightful chocolate-y dessert!

As far as tonight’s menu goes: 

Italian Chicken with Roasted Potatoes!

At one popular Italian food chain, an Italian chicken dish is over 1,000 calories, and that’s just the chicken and pasta! The same restaurant serves roasted potatoes as well and that side comes in at over 500 calories! That’s 1,500 calories in one meal! Tonight I’ll show you how to cook a very similar meal for under 400 calories (and for a lot less money)!

One last thing, if you have a favorite dish you’d like to see on my blog, please leave a comment and let me know! It can be easy or it can be difficult (I’m always up for a challenge). I want to know what you want to see!

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