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A Guiltless Glutton Healthy E-Cookbook

In this eBook, you’ll get quick access to my favorite recipes along with easy print pages and MyFitnessPal logging information. I also explain the inspiration for each recipe to give a little background on how it came to be. I make a lot of my recipes often, but these are my favorite. Each is different and they’re a favorite for different reasons. Some I love because of their versatility (like the 5 ingredient pie crust). Some I love because they allow me to eat my favorite restaurant meals at home without breaking the calorie bank. Others I love because of how quick and easy they are.

Guiltless Recipes Include:
About this eBook 3
A Guiltless Glutton: 5 Ingredient Pie Crust 5
A Guiltless Glutton: Jalapeño Popper Chicken 8
Jalapeño Popper Chicken 8
A Guiltless Glutton: Sweet Orange Rolls 11
A Guiltless Glutton: Skinny Parmesan Crusted Chicken 14
A Guiltless Glutton: “Ice Cream” & Chocolate Hard Shell Sauce 17
Clean “Ice Cream” with Chocolate Hard Shell Sauce 17
A Guiltless Glutton: Protein and Nutrient Packed Berry Smoothie 20
A Guiltless Glutton: Napoleon 23
A Guiltless Glutton: Garlic Chicken Potato Skins 26

As a bonus, I’ve included information about some of my quick “go to” snacks along with how to make them yourself!

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