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A Guiltless Glutton: Top 8 Fall Recipes!

Fall is an amazing time for food. Away go the constant salads. For me, summer is full of salads. It’s so hot in Savannah that I never want to use to oven to cook so I just make all different types of cold but filling meals.

With cold weather here, it means I don’t mind using the oven or the stove and that means there are a TON of awesome, warm recipes.

Here are my top 8 favorites!

Carrie’s Top 8 Fall Recipes!

8. Apple Pie Oatmeal


Number 8 on my Top 8 Fall Recipes is my Apple Pie Oatmeal. This oatmeal defies every negative opinion about oatmeal. It is so good and so filling! I really am not a big oatmeal fan, but I started experimenting with some different flavors and found that oatmeal can be really fun! This is like apple pie for breakfast!

7. Nutella Oatmeal


Number 7 on my Top 8 Fall Recipes is another oatmeal recipe! Everyone loves Nutella but at 200 calories a serving, I have a really hard time incorporating it into a meal– until now! This is a delicious breakfast that is sure to put a smile one your face!

6. Honey Banana Muffins


Number 6 on my Top 8 Fall Recipe are my banana honey muffins! These muffins are foolproof and delicious. The smell of banana muffins in the morning is one of the best things in the whole world, and these muffins will let you enjoy that, guilt-free!

5. Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal


Number 5 on my Top 8 Fall Recipes is this delicious pumpkin oatmeal! Of course, there is a pumpkin recipe in my Fall favorites. This is a pumpkin spice oatmeal that tastes like pumpkin pie in a bowl! I was craving something pumpkin the morning I made this and decided I would try to make a pumpkin spice oatmeal. It was AMAZING! Top with some Cool Whip and you’ve got yourself a heck of a breakfast.

4. Asiago Roasted Potatoes


Number 4 on my Top 8 Fall recipes is perfect as a side for any dish.  These potatoes are delicious and super simple. They would be great for any dinner- Thanksgiving included!

3. Cranberry Avocado Grilled Cheese


Number 3 on my Top 8 Fall Recipes is a twist on grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is a staple item for cold days. They are so easy to make! I wanted to make a more grown up grilled cheese! These are fresh tasting ingredients that will leave you smiling!

2. Guiltless Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread

Number 2 on my Top 8 Fall Recipes is another pumpkin recipe! This is such an easy recipe! I love pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins so I made a guiltless version to enjoy during the fall (and all the other seasons).

1. Turkey Chili


The number 1 recipe on my Top 8 Fall Recipes: Turkey Chili! I love this recipes for a couple of reasons. 1: It is CHEAP. It may cost you $10 to make. And it makes a LOT. 2. It’s a crock pot recipe which means you throw everything in the crock pot and leave it. SO simple and delicious. Whenever I make this for my family (just my husband and I), we have leftovers for a couple of days. Plus, what better to warm you up than a delicious bowl of chili?

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