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Hooray for Change!

Hey everyone!

I have been seriously slacking on this blog, but for good reason! My husband recently got a job in a new city, so, for the last month, we’ve been getting everything in order to move! We finally moved over the weekend, so now that I have a big kitchen– and a little more time– you can expect a lot more recipes!

Until then, I’ll post some that I have prepared already that I have time to post (Literally, I have had NO time for anything other than the move).

Also new on the blog, is a new section that gives reviews about new foods/brands I’m going to try! I’m also thinking about adding a section for healthy living.

If you are looking for a blog about healthy living, I highly recommend checking out my good friend’s website! Her name is Becca and she has lost over 70 pounds by simply eating well and being active! Her site is called Getting Healthy With Becca (<< click there to check it out!).

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