replica Kate spade bag maintenance

1. Ordinary white cotton gloves Ordinary white cotton gloves can be used for skin care in addition to the dust on the surface of the bag. When handling the Kate spade bag stains or the Kate spade bag is clean, gently wipe the bag with the clean white gloves, so that the skin pores can be closed as soon as possible, from white to all Honey color.
2, soft brush soft brush, such as toothbrush bristle soft brush shoe brush can be used to clean up those more solid card in the Kate spade bag seam floating dust, without damage to the cortex.
3, flower stick cotton stick is generally used to clean a small range of stains, it can effectively remove the dust inside the card.
4, the rubber eraser is mainly used as an immediate treatment of a small range of shallow stains. Some smudges need to be disposed of immediately, otherwise the color will penetrate into the skin, even if it is erased with an eraser.
5, stockings used stockings is an ideal choice for the beginning of cleaning up the dust or less dirty stains of leather goods. However, one thing to note is that it must be a normal stocking that does not fade. If it is too color or very fashionable, it will be useless, and the color will also have a negative effect. The above is a small tool that can be used to maintain the Kate spade bag in life. I hope I can help you.