Here are some tips and tricks that are actually easy to remember! These tips are small changes you can make in your lifestyle that will help you lose weight, gain health, or both!

1. Water is your best friend.
I usually keep a 32 ounce water bottle with me during the day and I drink at least 2 of them. This helps keep you hydrated (obviously) and does a great job counter-acting any excess sodium– keeping you less bloated!

2. If it doesn’t go bad, it’s probably not good for you.
Really though, I can’t think of a single food that doesn’t go bad that is good for you.

3. Out to eat? Get something you know you can make!
I realize this defeats the purpose of eating out, but hear me out. Obviously, eating out on a special occasion is an o.k. (not great) reason to get something for a “treat” meal, BUT limit that treat to a side or part of an appetizer! For your entree, get something that you can make at home so you know what goes in it! A steak is a steak, no matter where you go (just ask for no steak butter!). Salads are salads– just say no to the croutons and cheese and make a smart dressing choice. There’s no telling what’s in that alfredo sauce (usually around 2,000 calories!).

4. Make your own food!
I can’t stress this enough! Take your own lunch to work or school! Saying “yes” to dishes helps you say “no” to fast food! Too busy to make lunch in the morning? Prepare your meals on Sundays and store in the fridge, or throw together salads on-the-go!

5. It’s a “treat” meal not a “cheat” meal.
For me, semantics make a big difference in my mindset towards things. Instead of calling a meal a “cheat”– which implies it’s something I shouldn’t be doing– I call it a “treat” meal– which implies that it was earned! Not only does this delete the negative connotation that comes with guilty food, but it makes me want to earn my “treat” meal!

6. It’s a “treat” MEAL, not a “treat” DAY!
This is a really important point! It’s totally o.k. to have a treat meal every so often! Food is NOT the enemy. However, when treat meals become treat days, that’s where the problem is! Can you have that ice cream? You bet! Should you eat that ice cream after a belgian waffle breakfast, footlong sub lunch, and fried chicken dinner? Probably not the best idea. Can you? Sure! But it’s very easy to slip back into unhealthy eating habits with days dedicated to treats.

7. Eat enough!
Many people assume that eating less is the key to weight loss. Calories in vs. calories out, right? Well, yes, to an extent. Eating too little will do nothing but stall your metabolism. You will lose weight at first. Hooray! After a while, unfortunately, you will stop losing weight and any extra calories you consume will cause weight gain. The solution? Don’t drastically cut your intake! Eat healthy, balanced meals that incorporate whole foods. Listen to your body! If you’re hungry, eat! Your body will respond!

8. Weight is not an accurate indicator of health.
There will come a time when your weight is no longer an indicator of health (if you haven’t reached that point already, it will happen). Simply, this means that your goal weight may not result in your ideal body. For example, at 115 pounds, I still did not have the body I wanted. I was small, yes, but I was not muscular or “toned” as many like to say. I started weight lifting more– maybe 3-4 times a week– and doing cardio less– maybe 1 or 2 times a week. I also started eating more. I now look smaller and more “toned” than I did at 115 and I weigh about 10 pounds more. The point is, take measurements and look at your clothing sizes for signs of weight loss, rather than the scale.

More tips and tricks will be added in the near future!