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Protein and Nutrient Packed Berry Smoothie

I have been overwhelmingly busy lately! Between starting a new business and finishing school, my schedule has been hectic and I’ve needed the past week to recuperate. After eating poorly for a few weeks, I was starting to feel sluggish, so I decided to clean up my diet and I started with this smoothie! It takes 5 minutes to make and tastes delicious.

This smoothie is great as a meal replacement. It is packed with nutrients and protein, and makes for a great breakfast or lunch on a hot day! It would also be a great post-workout snack! Though it’s high in carbs and sugar, all of the carbs and sugar come from natural ingredients– fruit!

Smoothies are easy to make and highly nutritious, making them a simple staple for those following a plant-based lifestyle and the ideal bridge for beginners as they learn how to add healthier plant-based options to their lives.

berry smoothie

Berry Smoothie


Amount per serving: 361 calories–86g carbs-0g fat- 19g protein–60g sugar



  • Put everything into a blender
  • Blend.
  • Drink.

Super simple and so yummy!

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