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S’mores Protein Shake!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope everyone’s weeks are going great! Today I decided to make a quick protein shake! I wasn’t in the mood for a sandwich or salad for lunch, so I thought, “Hey, why not whip up a good protein shake!” I tried to figure out what flavor I wanted (I didn’t want to make just plain chocolate) and I saw that I had a little bit of Marshmallow Puff left so I decided to make a S’mores protein shake! At first, I thought I would make one serving, but as I was making it, I realized that it was way too much for one person. So this recipe will give you 2 servings of a delicious protein shake! You can use it as a meal replacement or as a post-gym recovery shake!


S’mores Protein Shake

Servings: 2

Amount per serving:  306 calories- 38 carbs- 7g fat- 25g protein- 21g sugar


  • 8 oz 2% milk (or whatever milk you like, but the nutrition content reflects 2%)
  • 3 tbs of Chocolate whey protein (with my scoop—I used Body Fortress—it’s 1 ½ scoops of protein)
  • 4 tbs Marshmallow Puff
  • 2 Graham Crackers (broken up into pieces)
  • 1 tbs chocolate chips
  • about 1 ½ c ice


  • In a blender mix together the milk, protein powder, and marshmallow fluff.
  • When that’s all mixed together, add the graham crackers and chocolate chips.
  • Last, add the ice until your shake reaches your desired texture!

Then enjoy it! I just put crushed graham cracker on the rim of a fancy glass because I thought it looked cool.  I hope you enjoy!

Also, the serving size is much bigger than the picture… each serving is almost twice that amount. :)


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