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When Times Get Tough…

… you’ve got to just keep on going.

This has been a really hard past couple of weeks for me. We’ve been really busy with the move so my time and motivation to exercise is at an all time low. When I get home, I just want to relax. It’s also been hard for me to keep my diet clean, something I am usually pretty good at. Moving is notorious for going hand in hand with junk food. Between the “here and there” moving and the lack of good food in the kitchen, it makes grabbing a pizza really easy.

To add to my stress, my dog, Alice, has a slipped disc in her back and has been in horrible pain the past couple of days. It’s hard to see your puppy in pain!

DSC_0015 (this is how my poor baby stands and walks around… she’s so pitiful!)

This week, we’re back on our meal plan, but today was especially hard for a couple of reasons. First, we went back to Statesboro to finish cleaning our old apartment so we went out to lunch, then we had dinner plans with a friend so we went out to dinner as well. While I’m still under my calories for the day, I feel yucky from all the un-healthy food!

Why am I telling everyone this? Well mainly because I want to talk about how to get through all the stress! Even though my diet has sucked, here are some of the things I’ve done well!

1. I drank ONLY water today! I usually have a diet coke during the day or a Woodchuck hard cider in the evening (there’s one calling my name in the fridge!) but today I have only had water.

2. At dinner, I ate with my stomach, not my eyes. I had some miso soup and Saba nigiri (mackerel–the BEST!) but I stopped eating when I was full (which is no easy feat when delicious sushi is in front of you).

3. I have my whole day planned out for tomorrow. It includes healthy, whole foods and a run!

4. I’ve planned on a new post for tomorrow! Crockpot Barbecue Pulled Pork!

Even though it’s really hard to keep up with diet and exercise during the tough times, giving yourself credit for the good things you’ve done during the day is a great way to keep yourself motivated!

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